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Welcome~! I'm a woman king and this is my blog. It contains cute fashion, feminism/body postitivity, and things that generally make me happy/want to wear nice things. I believe anyone can be a princess with a little glitter. Thank you for stopping by, and I hope you enjoy your visit~!


life is so hard when you have twenty animes to watch


29-yr-old woman has spent over £50,000 (that’s almost $85.000!) on her Hello Kitty obsession.

Horse trainer Natasha, 29, got hooked on the cartoon character as a teenager and has spent 15 years collecting 10,000 items. 

Every room of her flat is now filled with Hello Kitty accessories including jewelry, furniture, clothing, curtains, and 4,000 cuddly toys.

Her ‘Kitty Kingdom’ is a massive turn-off to men - but Natasha is happy to give them the push if they don’t accept her obsession.

She said: 'Boyfriends in the past have tried to make me give her up, so I got rid of them. It’s part of who I am and I’m not changing for anybody.




Old hime Outfit of me! But I liked it. It was for Japan Expo in france


The Hello Kitty macaroon I found in Hong Kong =^^=